Pioneering Pathways to Prominent Physicians

Connect your transformative medical devices with the practitioners who need them. With Meeting Pair, you harness the power of AI-driven insights to reach the unreachable.

AI-Driven, Practitioner-Focused

Our outreach engine dives deep into vast data pools, curating contacts that are beyond the reach of conventional tools. Your innovation deserves the spotlight, and we ensure it shines brightest for those who matter.

Unlocking Practitioner Access

Our simple three step process

Strategic Alignment

Our system identifies catalyst databases that resonate with your target audience. Think of it as pairing you up with platforms where your prospects are already active and engaged.

Deep Dive Research

Our AI algorithm dives deep, extracting valuable contact details and discerning buying triggers for each target. This isn’t just data; it’s a roadmap to meaningful connections.

Precision Outreach

Armed with insights from our catalyst databases, we optimize for small, highly-targeted outreach segments. This ensures concentrated results with fewer emails, ensuring every touchpoint is impactful.

A Goldmine of Buying Triggers

Unleashing Catalyst Databases: Our Secret Weapon

Unearth unique insights that others simply can't.

Delve into hidden data pools untouched by mainstream platforms
Harness rare buying triggers to gain a distinct advantage.
AI hyper-specific copy going from sub-1% to 12-22% response rates.
Case Study

From zero outreach to 19%+ average response rate.

Meeting Pair helped a leading device company in the pediatric space start sending meaningful outreach and dominate market share over competition. Case study available upon request.

Frequently asked questions

Can Meeting Pair integrate with our existing CRM system?

Yes, Meeting Pair is designed to seamlessly integrate with most CRM platforms, enhancing your current system with our advanced data and outreach capabilities.

What kind of response rates can we expect with Meeting Pair?

With Meeting Pair’s AI-driven, hyper-specific copy, medical device companies often see response rates soar from below 1% to between 12-22%

How does Meeting Pair ensure the quality of leads?

We employ a meticulous research process to qualify each lead, ensuring they align with your specific target criteria and are active within their fields.

Will we have dedicated support for campaign management?

Depending on your chosen plan, we offer varying levels of support, from AI-driven assistance to full premium support with a dedicated U.S.-based appointment setter.

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Join the beta?

Our outreach-tool is currently in beta with a select group of device manufactures.

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